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For many years between 1988 and 2014 I was affiliated in some way with the organization Small Business Hawaii (SBH). I first learned of them in 1985 when I was hired to work as a typesetter for Paradise Printers.

One of the major reasons for Paradise Printers hiring me was to produce the monthly Small Business News, a newsletter that went out to about 2,500 of their members. This was when the term newsletter referred to a printed publication that people got in the mail and held in their hands. As an employee for Paradise Printers I produced the monthly newsletter from 1985 to 1988.

After I left Paradise Printers, I took the production duties of Small Business News with me (while still having my former employer print it) and transitioned SBH from a standalone typeset and paste-up publication to one that was produced on a Macintosh computer with Pagemaker software.

It was from this time going forward until 2014 that my ties with Small Business Hawaii got tightly integrated into my professional life. As a one person-freelance business, they became my main client. Over the years I continued to produce the monthly Small Business News and their annual directory for the organization. I was also instrumental in bringing the Small Business Hawaii to the internet by setting up their first website in 1995.

I also became a member SBH. I was able to get some job leads through them.

As I attended numerous Small Business Hawaii events, I became their photographer and social media manager and helped expand their online presence on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Their website was also revised numerous times.

Small Business Hawaii changed their name to Smart Business Hawaii sometime in 2011. After SBH was not allowed to offer group health insurance from a number of carriers, membership slowly declined where it got to a point in 2014 that a decision was made to close down.

The samples shown below and those linked from this page are items I produced during my affiliation with Small Business Hawaii.

Small Business News | PDF Archive

Above: The last Small Business News, September 2014.

More newsletters are viewable at the PDF Archive.

This is a sample of the monthly Sunrise breakfast ad that I created for Small Business Hawaii’s website. One of the neat things was to actually meet some famous people who spoke at various SBH functions.

I took a lot of pictures at Small Business Hawaii events including their annual conferences, monthly breakfasts and other gatherings.