Every Blog Has Its First Post

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You have to start somewhere. So today I start. It is May 24, 2019. The post link erroneously says November 9, 2018. I guess this is when the current template that I am using was last updated and this page previously said “Hello World”. It is the standard first post for all WordPress installations. That is what it is.

What I plan to do with this new blog is to archive older articles that I wrote for other publications and organizations, as well as present new content exclusively to the website. Archived articles when possible, will also include a link to the original published source.

Subjects that I plan to cover will include everything from photography and technology (computers, the internet, etc.) to desktop publishing, features about Hawaii, history and whatever else. The blog will probably lack central focus, but using the category and tag links may be of some help.

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by.