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Melvin Ah Ching Photos
A tranquil country landscape of the Big Island of Hawaii.
Moana Hotel, Honolulu, HI
This photo was taken in 2017 for a client who wanted his vintage car placed in front of the Moana Surfrider Hotel, which is similar to a photo taken in the 1920s.

Event Photography

Kamehameha Schools march
This was shot at a large political rally for Kamehameha Schools in 2005. The photo was published in “Broken Trust: Greed, Mismanagement & Political Manipulation at America’s Largest Charitable Trust” by Samuel P. King and Randall W. Roth.

I’m a photographer for hire. Let me document your event whether it is a corporate gathering, news conference, political rally, music concert, party or nearly anything else. You need a seasoned photographer who can get the shots you need to document  your event.

Affordable rate or available for staff position.


KISS Gene Simmons & Fan
KISS frontman Gene Simmons signs an autograph on a fan’s blouse at a Small Business Hawaii Conference in 2008.
Political Rally at Hawaii State Capitol
I photographed numerous political rallies and political events at the Hawaii State Capitol and elsewhere.

Everything Else

Hawaii Superferry 2007
The Hawaii Superferry was a good thing that politics and competition rallied against.

Aviation |  Blue Angels | Aircraft Carrier | Cruise Ships

Blue Angels 2014
Nothing is more exciting when the US Navy Blue Angels or USAF Thunderbirds come to town for a show.