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The blog component of this website features original and updated articles that I wrote for other organizations or self published. Some of the content featured on this blog will be new and exclusive only to this website. The blog archive and external links appear below.

Blog Archive

Colorful Tasty Food

One of the fun things many people do is take photos of food. Here are some spontaneous photos I have ...
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A Day Aboard the Super-carrier USS Ronald Reagan

By Melvin Ah Ching -July 14, 2010 The following article was originally published on Story and Photos by Melvin ...
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The Quadritek

The Quadritek Originally published to Mel’s Internet Universe website. I learned how to use the Quadritek 1200 series back in ...
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Every Blog Has Its First Post

You have to start somewhere. So today I start. It is May 24, 2019. The post link erroneously says November ...
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