Assistance League of Hawaii

I am Marketing Director for Assistance League of Hawaii. In 2018 we converted our old website from a proprietary platform to a WordPress site. The National Assistance League organization encourages chapters to adopt their interface in order to promote unity throughout the organization.

They gave us a basic shell in WordPress and I was the one responsible for moving all of the old content to the new site. It was a four to five month project to get the new site established. Since then the site has grown with regular updates to include news, notifications, photos, and more to keep the public and membership informed.

I also do  Assistance League of Hawaii’s monthly membership newsletter using the Constant Contact emailing service. Constant Contact is a useful tool when you want to push content out to targeted demographics like customers and members as we do with Assistance League of Hawaii.

Here is a link to one of our newsletters.

Like many of the other jobs I do, I usually end up being the photographer at Assistance League of Hawaii events when I am available. Sample photos appear below:

ALH Hawaii

The photo above was shot at one of Assistance League of Hawaii’s Operation School Bell events held at WalMart. This program helps fund low income families with school supplies for their student scholars throughout the year. I like this photo because everyone is beaming and happy being in it both the student family and the two member volunteers. The photo ended up being Assistance League of Hawaii’s lead photo on their website’s home page.

This group of women are the appointed committee chairs for the 2018-19 fiscal year at Assistance League of Hawaii.

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